Sa., 13. Feb. | Seminarraum bei Moon Bear

AHAMKARA - Sibirische Organmassage

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AHAMKARA - Sibirische Organmassage

Zeit & Ort

13. Feb., 10:00 – 14. Feb., 17:00
Seminarraum bei Moon Bear, Hauptstraße 31, 75056 Sulzfeld, Deutschland


ORGAN MASSAGE - HEALING AT ALL LEVELS The massage of the internal organs is an ancient Russian method of healing which provides healing on the physical level as well as on the spiritual level. Massage of internal organs has become as well an important part of chiropractic and osteopathy. In this technique, the entire abdominal area is massaged. This external impuls on the internal organs provides a tangible effect. Located in the interior of the body organs are gently mobilized. This facilitates elasticity and flexibility of tissue and so stimulates the organs to carry out their tasks again "voluntarily". In addition to the healing effect on disfunctional organs, this may also have a preventive effect. Tensions and blockages are resolved before they cause diseases. This type of massage is certainly for patients and users of high interest in order to maintain health, prevent disease and to get supportive solutions in healing. The workshop integrates a combination of physical and spiritual healing work. We will practice in partner exercises the massage techniques together under instruction and conveyance. Using different forms of rituals, movement and meditation will bring us in contact with the spiritual level of the organs and help us to cause relaxation as a prerequisite for the application of this therapy induced. Moreover, healing rituals will be conducted to provide a unit of physical and spiritual layer for each individual. This is a very special opportunity to learn about shamanic and physical healing work in combination and applied together.

  • AHAMKARA - Organmassage