Sa., 13. März | Seminarraum bei Moon Bear

AHAMKARA - Ahnenworkshop

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AHAMKARA - Ahnenworkshop

Zeit & Ort

13. März, 10:00 – 14. März, 17:00
Seminarraum bei Moon Bear, Hauptstraße 31, 75056 Sulzfeld, Deutschland


Cleaning the family tree You will deeply clean your own family tree. You will remove polluted energy from your family tree by being a participant in this ritual. Physical, mental and emotional issues can be passed on, that is why family karma will be cleaned in this part. Helping deceased family members In this ritual you will travel to the world of the deceased. You will contact deceased family members. You will sever for them all attachments. You help them to detach from the people, who are keeping them in contact with this life. Also your attachments with the deceased will be finished. Their way to reincarnation will be opened, so that they can move on instead of hanging around. For you and also for your family this is an important transformation. Ritual with the ancestors You will travel back several generations to solve a problem or blockage of any kind. This can be a problem you might have had for years, and which you maybe even have recognized in one of your parents. By working on generation lines with ancestors, you might not even have known, you will clean this problem til the way back to your roots. With this ritual the generation lines are cleaned and everybody in your family will have a benefit from this ritual. Very often your ancestors are very grateful, that you joined this ritual. Family protection After joining the first 3 parts you will notice more harmony in your household and in your family. To protect yourself and your family even more against negative influences and adversity your family needs protection; to keep it in good health and happiness. In this ritual you will learn to create protection for your household and your family. Family spirit In this part of the ritual `Family Reincarnation` we are working with the family spirit, the spirit which encloses the field of all generations. You will find your spiritual ancestor. This ancestor will pass his knowledge and his qualities to you in a kind of initiation. This will bring you everything to protect yourself and you can watch over your own family as well as other families.

  • AHAMKARA - Ahnenworkshop